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GCSE Film Resources from the Eduqas Exam Board:

BBC Bitesize Revision:

GCSE Film Studies YouTube channel “Film Studies Fundamentals) from Eduqas Lead Examiner Ian Moreno-Melgar:

Categories – Film – GCSE Media Studies Revision – BBC Bitesize

Eduqas Info Sheet RWAC

Knowledge Organiser RWAC

SAMS Paper

Additional SAMS Paper

Comp 2 Additional SAMS 1

Comp 2 Additional SAMS 2

Eduqas Focus Film Factsheet FBDO

Knowledge Organiser FBDO

Focus Film Fact Sheet Juno

Knowledge Organiser Juno

Specialist Writing C Juno

Focus Film Factsheet District 9

Knowledge Organiser District 9

Focus on Film Factsheet Attack the Block

Knowledge Organiser Attack the Block

Film Studies Glossary

Comparison Guide From IMM

Ferris Bueller revision guide

Ferris Knowledge Organiser

Rebel without a cause revision guide


Specialist Writing Option C – Juno

Tsotsi exam questions


Character Revision

Characters and film language revision task

Comp 1 Exam Walkthrough

Comp 2 Exam Walkthrough

Day 1 Film Revision task

Day 2 Film Revision Tasks Narratives

Day 3 Film Revision Task Scenes

Day 4 Key scenes and critical focus film

Fact Sheet Attack the block

Film form test 1

Film form test 2

Film form test 3

Film form test 4

Revision Task Day 6

GCSE Film Studies Revising Film Language (Juno Example)

GCSE Film Studies Revision Links

Key Scenes Revision

Knowledge Organiser Attack the Block

Narrative Revision

Time Quiz 1 Questions

Time Quiz 2 Questions

Time Quiz 3 Questions

Time Quiz 4 Questions

Time Quiz 5 Questions

Time Quiz 6 Questions

Time Quiz 7 Questions

Time Quiz 8 Questions

Time Quiz 9 Questions

Time Quiz 10 Questions

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