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 Year 11 GCSE English Language

An Inspector Calls

AIC Text Guide


Characters and quotes

Knowledge Organiser

Revision Booklet 1

Y10 Knowledge Organiser

Eric Birling

Eric Birling Revision

Eva Smith

Eva Smith Revision

Gerald Croft

Gerald Croft Revision


Inspector Goole Revision

Mr Birling

Mr Birling Revision

Mr Bruffs Guide to An inspector Calls

Mrs Birling

Sheila Birling

Sheila Birling revision

Sybil Birling revision

The Inspector


Animal Farm

Knowledge Organiser

Revision Activities

The Book


Chapter Summary Essay Questions

Character Overview

Edward Filene Propaganda techniques

Knowledge Organiser 

Knowledge Organiser 2

Representation of Animals

Russian History Word


Power and Conflict

AQA Conflict Poetry Guide

Conflict Poetry Literary Terms

KS4 Power and Conflict Poetry

Litcharts Bayonet charge

Litcharts Checking out me history

Licharts Exposure

Litcharts Extract from the prelude boat stealing

Litcharts Kamikaze

Litcharts London

Litcharts My last Duchess

Litcharts Ozymandias

Litcharts Poppies

Litcharts Remains

Litcharts Storm on the island

Litcharts The charge of the light brigade

Litcharts The emigree

Litcharts Tissue

Litcharts War photographer

Love Relationships Poetry

Mr Bruffs Guide to power and conflict

Knowledge Organiser

Poetry Support Booklet

Power and Conflict workbook


Y10 Power and Conflict Poetry

York power and conflict guide



Paper One

Cuckoo’s Calling
How To Answer The Questions
Q5 Black and White Alleyway
Q5 Christmas Market Image

Q5 Creepy Castle at Night
Q5 Dystopian City
Q5 Dystopian Street
Q5 Fireworks New Year
Q5 Forest Dead End Sign
Q5 House Surrounded by Dark Clouds
Q5 London Underground
Q5 Palm Tree Beach
Q5 Riot
Q5 Stormy Street
Q5 Sunset City Skyline

Q5 War Zone
Nineteen Eighty Four
The War Of The Worlds – Chapter 2

Paper Two

Animal Baiting
Factory Work
How To Answer The Questions
Question Five Examples

Year 11 GCSE English Literature

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol Knowledge Organiser 1
A Christmas Carol Knowledge Organiser 2
Christmas Carol a model answer 1
Christmas carol a model answer 2
Christmas carol a model answer 3
Christmas Carol Practice Questions
Crib Sheet Ghost of Christmas past
Crib Sheet Ghost of Christmas Present
Crib Sheet Marleys Ghost
Poverty – Model Answer
Quote Sheet Completed for Stave 4
Sample Essay 1
Sample Essay 2
Sample Essay 3
Sample Essay 4
Scrooge  Model Answer
Teacher Sheet 1.3
Teacher Sheet 1.5
Teacher Sheet 2.5
Teacher Sheet 2.7
Teacher Sheet 3.3
Teacher Sheet 3.5
Teacher Sheet 3.7
Teacher Sheet 4.3
Teacher Sheet 4.4
Teacher Sheet 5.2
Teacher Sheet 5.4
Teacher Sheet 10.1
Teacher Sheet 10.2

Love & Relationships Poetry

Exam Questions
Love & Relationships Poetry
Love & Relationships Knowledge Organiser

Romeo & Juliet

Exam Questions
Romeo & Juliet
Romeo & Juliet Knowledge Organiser