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CVs and Interviews

Writing a CV

Whether you’re thinking of applying for work experience, an entry-level job or a school leaver training programme, chances are you’ll need to put together a CV. This is a standard part of the application process and helps to give employers a clear idea of whether your written communication skills are up to scratch. Your CV needs to be easy to read and understand; it should cover all the necessary information and shouldn’t include any spelling mistakes, that will put the employer off.

There is no one right way to put together a CV. There are some standard headings that you will find useful and there are some common errors you need to avoid. However, you can adapt the format to suit you and reflect your strengths. A CV is a personal document and everybody’s CV is different.

You should also update your CV for each job application and adapt it to show you have the qualities and qualifications the employer is looking for.

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