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Choosing GCSE options

Choosing your GCSEs

What are GCSEs?

GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. The qualification mainly involves studying the theory of a subject, together with some investigative work, while some subjects involve practical work. You are assessed in the main on written exams and elements you complete throughout the course. For example, projects, artwork, experiments, investigations and fieldwork.

What GCSEs do I have to take?

Southchurch High School offer 2 different pathways. To find out more please click on the links:

Pathway 1

Pathway 2

What GCSEs can lead to

Getting a GCSE can lead to further study or an apprenticeship.

How not to Choose

Do not choose a subject because:

  • You’ve heard it’s easy
  • Your parents want you to do it
  • You like the teacher (you may not be in their class!)
  • Your friend says they are doing it (you may not be in the same class)

How to Choose

  • Find out what subjects are being offered for your pathway
  • Attend the Year 9 options event (February/March time)
  • Ask your teachers/parents/carers for advice
  • Find out how the course is assessed

Think about your plans for the future

If you have an idea of a job or job sector you think you would be suited to, then check out the entry requirements to see if you need a particular subject.

No idea what you want to do after GCSE? Choose a mix of GCSE subjects so that you have as many different options as possible.

Some useful websites:

BBC Bitesize


Success at School

Career Pilot

National Careers Service


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