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Welcome back to all students, staff and parents to the Summer Term 2018.

For Year 11 in particular the next couple of months are vital in their preparation for their exams.

Please encourage your sons and daughters, as we do as a school, to take advantage of the intervention that is on offer, to help them prepare for their GCSEs.

Their first GCSE exam in May will be upon us before we know it, and their last will take place on the 27 June 2018. A sensible revision programme needs to be put in place now.

Younger students have several clubs and activities available to them, and I hope you will encourage them to attend as many as possible.

Stuart Reynolds

Year 11 Raising Attainment Evening – Parental Feedback

“The Year 11 Raising Attainment Evening was excellent – 5 out of 5!” 
“My child is really confident that they will achieve their target grades in their PPEs” 
“I would definitely recommend this school to another parent”

DfE Feedback

Recently, we were visited by John Hopper and Chris Flynn from the DfE who wanted to delve a little deeper into the dramatic improvements shown in English, in the hope that strategies could be put to good use elsewhere. When taking the time to thank us for the hospitality shown they said, “We were very impressed with what we saw and the impressive improvements you have made in English over the last few years, through your structured approach. Your students were clearly focused and getting a lot out of your teaching. We will be sharing the positive impressions with colleagues in the department.”