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I am Liam Maher, the assistant head responsible for Transition. The purpose of this page is to let you know how we support our new students, while they are in Year 6 and continuing all the way through their first year at Southchurch High School.

I will continue to support the transition process throughout October. My job is simply to make transition for yourself and your child run as smoothly as possible. On this page I will provide you with information that will help with the transition from Primary school to Southchurch High School. Should you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit during school hours please do not hesitate to contact me via email on lmaher@southchurchschool.com


Visits To Primary Schools

From April to June of Year 6 I will be visiting the majority of Year 6 students and teachers. These meetings help us to build relationships with the students who will be joining us and for the students to get to know us so they can be confident about joining Southchurch High School in Year 7. I will also bring them into the School by minibus for a morning to have a look round, meet the teachers and ask any questions they may have. I try to make sure I have spoken to the Year 6 teachers of all who are joining us in Year 7. I also aim to meet each student who will be joining us in September while they are still in Year 6 at primary school.


We have a team building afternoon where some of the new intake are invited to take part in some team building challenges. This is always popular and helps people to begin to make new friends. The students always comment on the fun they have had!


Summer School

At the end of the summer holidays the school hosts an opportunity for students to meet each other and make new friends prior to starting at Southchurch High School. This is especially important for students coming into the school from out of the area or those who do not have others coming here from their primary school.  It is open to all students joining us in September and is especially helpful for those who may be a little anxious about starting in September.  We find summer school helps put fears to rest and seeing the young people on their first day at Southchurch High School in September full of smiles and brimming with confidence certainly reinforces the value of our summer school.

The Summer School Information Letter can be found Here

Please note the Summer School letter only applies to those year 7 students who have received confirmation of their place


School Production

At Southchurch High School we have school shows and productions, we invite some of the local primary schools to see the show this also helps students in Year 6 to feel that they are part of Southchurch High School.



On the first day of the new term in September, your child is required to be in full school uniform in the main school hall by 8.40am. We do ask you to leave them at the front gate of the school.

Everything during the first few weeks at Southchurch High School is designed to help our new students settle in quickly and confidently. By the end of the first day here, our new Year 7 students go home excited, happy and keen to tell all about their first day at secondary school. 

After three or four weeks here in Year 7, our new students invite their former primary school teachers to join us for a tea party. We celebrate how much has been achieved and how well they have settled into life at Southchurch High School. This is a chance for our students to say thank you to their primary teachers for preparing them so well in moving on to this next exciting stage of their education.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and should you wish to make an appointment to visit Southchurch High School or have any other queries please contact me via email: lmaher@southchurchschool.com or telephone the college on 01702 900777 and ask for me, Mr Liam Maher. I look forward to seeing you and your son or daughter at Southchurch High School.

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