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Head Boy And Girl Selection Information

In order to select our Head Boy and Head Girl, the applicants firstly had a formal interview in front of a panel of three people: The Headteacher, a Governor and their Head of Year. After this, they then presented their pre-prepared manifesto in front of a group of staff and the other applicants. In total, there were nine applicants and four were successfully appointed.

Mitchell – Head Boy. Mitchell’s notion was to set up a peer support system in order to, “stamp out bullying” at Southchurch. Since then, Peer Mentors have been trained and are beginning their establishment in the school by promoting anti-bullying. This will run throughout all of the Year Groups thereby building a positive and safe atmosphere at Southchurch.

Sophie – Head Girl. Sophie’s idea was focused on the OFSTED Report around independent learners. Her aim was to improve the revision techniques of all students by setting up a club which aimed to teach new and innovative tactics to all Year Groups. This is fundamental as Sophie wanted to ensure that students in Key Stage 3 had the skills needed in order to revise appropriately and successfully when entering Key Stage 4.

Matthew – Deputy Head Boy. Matthew’s idea relates to promoting the transition between primary and secondary schools. Matthew would like to start a process whereby Prefects could meet with the Year 6 cohort prior to beginning their time at Southchurch. This would then lead to a buddy system when the students are in Year 7 so that their transition is made smoother.

Emily – Deputy Head Girl. Emily’s notion was to evolve an after school ‘Intervention’ class that, rather than focusing on the Curriculum, looked into developing life-skills. Emily’s ideas were to discuss the concept of taxes, opening a bank account and applying for Sixth Form and University.