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Teaching and Learning

The quality of teaching and learning is the cornerstone of any school’s success. Our teachers are subject specialists who understand how to shape learning at the highest levels.

Through our Teaching and Learning and Assessment Policies, we actively pursue planning for learning strategies that ensure a student’s learning and progress are the focus: 

  • Pupils are familiar with what helps them learn
  • Learning objectives are shared and reviewed
  • Activities are varied, purposeful and appropriate to meet the needs of all students
  • Clear structured lessons promote learning
  • Teachers create and maintain a purposeful learning environment
  • Achievement is recognised and rewarded
  • Progress is monitored and supportive intervention provided.

The school is focused on the learning and assessment needs of students. We create consistency between teachers and have a shared understanding of what works well in the classroom. Assessment and marking is frequent, detailed and accurate, supporting student progress and helping students achieve their full potential.

Our teachers: 

  • are passionate and knowledgeable about their subject matter
  • actively engage in the learning process and incorporate subject content into it
  • capture their students’ interest and prioritise student engagement in learning
  • articulate the learning process clearly for all students and in a variety of ways to ensure that each student understands expected outcomes
  • are adaptable, positive and able to respond to students, adjusting a lesson in response to student learning and feedback
  • know that practice makes perfect and can present the material in many different ways, understand the importance of procedures for students, and that students perform best when they know what is expected of them – how to manage themselves in the classroom and the consequences of not following instructions
  • listen to their students so their students know that teachers will do all they can to help them learn
  • are reflective practitioners, always reviewing their practice and openly asking for and giving support


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