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Year 9 Subject Preferences

Being in Year 9, students now get to make those important and exciting decisions about their upcoming KS4 curriculum. Here you will find:​

  • – Subject information booklets for Fast Track and Upper/Middle sets. These include key information about the application process, information about the courses available as well as advice on how to make those important decisions.
  • – Subject presentations describing each course.
  • – Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

These decisions are extremely important and should not be made without thorough discussion and consideration of:

  • all the possible subject preferences
  • the subjects students enjoy
  • the subjects in which students achieve well
  • any desired future education or career paths



Art and Design


Child Development


Computer Science


Design and Technology

Enterprise and Marketing

Film Studies



Health and Social Care


Hospitality and Catering

Media Studies

Music Practice

Performing Arts


Options Booklets 

Fast Track Booklet

Middle – Upper Booklet

Frequently asked questions